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Public services and infrastructure have deteriorated as government has increasingly shifted the tax burden from corporations to workers. Our long-range goal is a socialist society without conventional taxes, with public services to be funded from the proceeds of social production.

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10/28 in San Bruno: Dina Padilla at Skyline College PDF Print E-mail

Following a press conference at the site of the September 9 gas line explosion in San Bruno, the Peace and Freedom candidate for Insurance Commissioner, Dina Padilla, will speak to students and staff at Skyline Community College.

When: Thursday, October 28 at 12:20pm
Where: Skyline College Cafeteria, 3300 College Drive, San Brune (MAP)
What: Discussion with students and staff
Contact: call 415-867-0628

At the morning press conference, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California Insurance Commissioner Dina Padilla will outline why she is supporting criminal prosecution to make PG&E bosses personally accountable and responsible for the deaths and construction. She also supports public control and ownership of the energy utilities in California. The profits of this utility should go to the people of California instead of the millionaires. Following the press conference she will speak to students and staff at Skyline Community College and will discuss why they facing increasing attacks on their right to an education by increasing fees as well as the PG&E explosion and the need for single payer health care for students and all people.

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