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We support social ownership and democratic management of industry and natural resources. Under capitalism, the proceeds of labor go to the profits of the wealthy few. With socialism, production is planned to meet human needs.

To us, socialism is workers' democracy, including the principle that all officials are elected, recallable at any time, and none receives more than a worker's wage. Socialism can only be brought about when we, the working class, unite and act as a body in our own interests. Our goals cannot be achieved by electoral means alone. We participate in mass organization and direct action in neighborhoods, workplaces, unions and the armed forces everywhere.

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Photo of Nancy Lawrence
Nancy Lawrence

Nancy Lawrence was born in New York City, and moved to Los Angeles as a child. She first became politically active during the movement against the Vietnam War. Nancy joined the Peace and Freedom Party in 1985. She is currently active in the KPFK program council and in the Bus Riders Union, fighting proposed public transportation fare increases. Nancy has worked with environmental groups, and puts her beliefs into practice in her own life. She is a vegan, a recycler, and a user of public transportation. Nancy designs and makes jewelry.

Nancy Lawrence is running for Board of Equalization because "things need to be more equal in California." She wants to shift the tax burden from working people to the wealthy.

The 4th District contains about 86% of the voters in Los Angeles County, and includes the portion of the county south of the deserts and mountains, except for a part of the San Gabriel Valley, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula and a coastal strip of Long Beach.

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Tax the rich.

The Board of Equalization Districts

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Map of Board of Equalization Districts
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