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Freedom, Justice and Crime

We call for the defense and extension of the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech, press, assembly and association, and the right to keep and bear arms for individual and collective defense. The ultimate guarantee of those rights is the organized strength of the working class.

Capitalism and poverty breed crime and repression. Working class people are the primary victims both of street crime and of police reaction to it. The bosses use laws against victimless activities, "legal" and illegal expansion of police powers, military and paramilitary occupation of poor and minority communities, and diversion of resources to police and jails, to keep workers intimidated and dependent.

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Photo of C.T. Weber
C.T. Weber

C. T. Weber of Sacramento is running for Lieutenant Governor of California on the Peace and Freedom Party slate.

Occupation: Retired State Government Analyst and mid-level Union leader and activist

Qualifications: I was a long time union organizer, steward, and elected leader (including four terms on the California State Employees Association, Board of Directors). I worked 22 years as an analyst for the State of California. As President of SEIU Local 1000, District Labor Council 784 I served on the SEIU State Council and was a delegate to the Sacramento Central Labor Council.

My education includes a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in Public Administration from California State University, Long Beach. I have been active in the peace, social and economic justice movements for over 40 years. I founded several alternative institutions including the Long Beach Free Clinic.

California is in an economic freefall. In fact, some 77% of California voters think the state is on the wrong track. Only 14% think the state is on the right track. Some 68% of Americans want a third party. However, with candidates allowed to win with a simple plurality of the vote, voters are afraid that if they vote for the candidate they prefer that it will allow the "greater evil" to be elected. Don't put up with it. As it turns out, a majority of Californians would abolish the office of Lieutenant Governor. Therefore, my candidacy provides you with the chance to vote for a third party candidate running for an office that most of you would eliminate and not have to worry about who will win. I am not running for Governor, but if I am your Lieutenant Governor, when the Governor is legally unable to perform the duties of office, I will sign all progressive bills sent by the legislature. You want a single payer health care system, if given the opportunity; I will sign it into law. You want strong labor laws, as a job steward and elected union leader for over twenty years, send me bills that will help working people and I'll sign them.

I want the minimum wage to be doubled and tied to the cost of living. I support a universal, high quality single payer health care system. I support free, high quality education from pre-schools through technical schools and universities. I believe everyone has the right to marry. I have actively opposed the death penalty for years and will continue to work to see that it is abolished. I will also work to end the three strikes laws.

If you elect me as your Lieutenant Governor I will work to bring the California National Guard home to be available for emergencies in California. I will also insist that the California legislature pressure Congress for an immediate withdrawal of all U. S. troops and contractors from Iraq and Afghanistan and bring them home.

From the statewide Voter Information Guide

Has California’s budget deficit been fixed? No.

Are you upset, angry, frustrated? Me too.

Restore social services. Stop scapegoating public workers.

Let the super rich pay their fair share.



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