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The Peace and Freedom Party, founded in 1967, is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.

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Debra L. Reiger for State Treasurer PDF Print E-mail

Photo of Debra Reiger
Debra Reiger at a demonstration

Debra Reiger has hands-on experience with state government and its organizational issues, having retired from the California Department of Finance in 2006. She served a term as State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party from 2006 to 2008, and is currently the party's North State Organizer. She lives in Sacramento.

Her basic issue is getting big business out of the decision-making of state government. She has been raising some specific issues that relate to the office of State Treasurer:

  • Develop a state bank. We need to provide safe and stable banking options for Californians, and we should opt out of enriching corporate-owned banks.
  • Invest state money into socially-responsible funds, making sure that California dollars do not support businesses or governments with oppressive and discriminatory practices, or that engage in pollution and environmental destruction.
  • Provide reliable and safe public transportation throughout the state. The State Treasurer sits on many boards, including those for transportation. In hard times, we see cutbacks in transportation just when the working class needs it the most. Fares are going up and services are being eliminated. We must provide ways for working people and poor people to get to their jobs and other necessary destinations at low cost. We must stop the "punish the poor" mentality that always gets worse when money is tight.
  • Tax the income and assets of the rich to meet human needs. While the Treasurer does not set tax policy, whoever holds the office is influential in influencing those who do.

From the statewide Voter Information Guide

Safe, socially responsible management of state funds; no investments in war profiteers, human rights violators, corporate polluters.

Make banking safe for Californians; create a State Bank to provide banking services without enriching corporations.

Keep big business out of California’s decisions.

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