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Public services and infrastructure have deteriorated as government has increasingly shifted the tax burden from corporations to workers. Our long-range goal is a socialist society without conventional taxes, with public services to be funded from the proceeds of social production.

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Insurance Commissioner Candidate Padilla To Call For Prosecution Of Workers Compensation Judge Suzanne. F. Dugan PDF Print E-mail

This press release was issued by Dina Padilla, Peace and Freedom candidate for Insurance Commissioner, on September 8, 2010.

For Immediate Release

September 8, 2010

Dina Padilla, candidate for California Insurance Commissioner from the Peace and Freedom Party will hold a press conference along with family members of injured workers and health and safety advocates at the California Fraud Assessment Commission FAC on September 8, 2010. This state commission dispenses more than $29 million a year to California District Attorneys to prosecute workers compensation fraud. Candidate Padilla has been in the forefront of those fighting against the cost shifting by the insurance industry and employers included self-insured employers like Kaiser and Safeway Inc. who have refused to properly take care of their injured workers.

On September 8 Padilla will be joined by Sandi Trend, mother of injured Agraquest biotech worker David Bell. Trend has filed charges that Judge Suzanne F. Dugan voted to reject an appeal on her son's workers compensation claim while her husband Michael T. Dugan had a financial relationship with the biotech company Agraquest, owned by Pam Marrone. The District Attorneys of Yolo and Sacramento Counties refuse to prosecute this workers compensation fraud despite extensive evidence.

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Also joining her will be Dr. Jack Thrasher who has challenged the corporate rules of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), which are embedded in California Workers Compensation law and prevent workers injured by mold at work from getting medical coverage. Padilla charged that "ACOEM is propagating mickey mouse science manipulated by the insurance industry, employers and the drug companies to prevent workers getting health care when injured by mold on the job."

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Padilla has also charged that the Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and previous Insurance Commissioners have refused to prosecute insurance companies and self insured employers who refuse to pay for injured workers and instead force these workers to go onto California State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Social Security to get their serious injuries taken care of. The taxpayers of California are paying for this cost-shifting.

Padilla will be raising the case of Tim Hack and the injured workers at Toyota of Poway who have been contaminated by mold by their owners and Stuart Lichter, the developer of the Downey toxic dump site in the Los Angeles area. These workers have made complaints to the San Diego District Attorney against their employer for Workers Compensation Fraud but have not heard back.

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These employers and developers have refused to take care of injured workers who have had serious health problems as a result of their drive for profits. Padilla charges that the district attorneys and California Attorney General Jerry Brown have refused to prosecute this massive cost shifting scam as a result of deregulation.

Padilla said, "It is time to protect the working people of California and prosecute those insurance companies and employers who have conspired to violate the laws protecting workers injured on the job. If elected I will clean up the systemic corruption in the workers compensation system and also work to eliminate the insurance industry in healthcare."

Padilla has also been joined by Green Party candidate for California Insurance Commissioner Bill Balderston in demanding that that Dave Jones and all candidates be able to debate together the issues for the people of California. Democratic Party candidate Dave Jones has refused to respond to requests to participate in full debates with all ballot qualified candidates. He also has refused to respond to Toyota of Poway workers who have tried to enlist his support.

For further information email dinajpadilla - at - or telephone 916-725-2673.

Padilla for Insurance Commissioner

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