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We support social ownership and democratic management of industry and natural resources. Under capitalism, the proceeds of labor go to the profits of the wealthy few. With socialism, production is planned to meet human needs.

To us, socialism is workers' democracy, including the principle that all officials are elected, recallable at any time, and none receives more than a worker's wage. Socialism can only be brought about when we, the working class, unite and act as a body in our own interests. Our goals cannot be achieved by electoral means alone. We participate in mass organization and direct action in neighborhoods, workplaces, unions and the armed forces everywhere.

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October 19 on KPCC-FM in Los Angeles

On October 19, Marsha Feinland participated in a forum for minor party candidates for the U.S. Senate on the Patt Morrison program on KPCC-FM, 89.3 MHz, South California Public Radio. The other participants were Green candidate Duane Roberts and American Independent Party candidate Edward Noonan. The interview was conducted by Frank Stoltz.

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October 12, Labor Video Project in San Rafael

Third party candidates were all excluded from the California gubernatorial debates between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. In this video, Peace and Freedom Party U.S. Senate candidate Marsha Feinland is interviewed by the Labor Video Project outside the Brown-Whitman debate of October 12, 2010.

October 4 on KQED-FM, San Francisco

On October 4th, Peace and Freedom Party candidate Marsha Feinland participated in a roundtable featuring the candidates for U.S. Senate representing the Peace and Freedom, American Independent, Libertarian and Green parties. The forum was hosted by NPR radio station KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny.

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October 1 on the California Channel

As part of the California Channel's Free Airtime Project, Marsha Feinland is interviewed by Michelle McCormick of the League of Women Voters.

September 2 on KPFA-FM, Berkeley

On September 1st, Democratic Party candidate Barbara Boxer and Republican candidate Carly Fiorina met in a debate that aired on the Fox television network. Four other candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat from California — including Peace and Freedom Party candidate Marsha Feinland — were not invited to participate.

On September 2nd, Peace and Freedom Party candidate Marsha Feinland participated in a debate of independent and third party candidates for U.S. Senate.The debate was hosted by Pacifica radio station KPFA's The Morning Show.

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KGO-TV, San Francisco

The following is a video produced and aired by KGO-TV San Francisco during the Spring 2010 primary election campaign.

For this and other Peace and Freedom Party candidates' videos, visit NextGen Politics.

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