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We demand expansion and enforcement of job health and safety laws.

We call for the restoration of all labor rights previously won by women and their extension to men as well.

No prison labor for private profit. Living wage and full union rights for any prison labor.

Defend workers' rights to organize, form union caucuses, strike, and boycott.

No replacement of striking workers.

International solidarity of workers against international capitalist schemes such as NAFTA and WTO in defense of jobs, wages, working conditions and environmental laws.

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Dina Padilla Joins Injured Downey Movie and Kaiser Workers Filing Workers Comp Fraud and OSHA Complaints PDF Print E-mail

This statement was issued on September 22 by Dina Padilla, Peace and Freedom candidate for Insurance Commissioner.

For Immediate Release

Dina Padilla, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California Insurance Commissioner will join injured Downey movie and Kaiser workers at the Los Angeles District Attorney's Fraud office on Tuesday September 28, 2010 at 12:00 noon to support their efforts to prosecute workers comp fraud and environmental violations by Downey toxic site developer Stuart Lichter.

Lichter, who is the owner of Industrial Realty Group (IRG), has improperly developed the former NASA military-industrial complex that was privatized and turned over to him. Lichter promised to clean up the site before developing it but this was not done and movie workers at Downey Studios, Dreamworks and Kaiser workers at the Kaiser facility in Downey have become contaminated and sickened by highly toxic substances on the site.

For more information see:

Workers have been forced to fight for healthcare and workers compensation from their employers. Dina Padilla was sued in a SLAPP suit by Stuart Lichter for exposing the injuries and contamination at the site. The suit was later thrown out of court as an attempt to illegally silence Padilla.

A press conference is scheduled in connection with this event.

When: Tuesday, September 28 at 12:00 noon
Where: Los Angeles District Attorney, 201 N. Fiueroa St. Suite 1500, Los Angeles
What: A press conference with injured Downey workers and CA Insurance Commissioner candidate Dina Padilla
Contact: For further information email dinajpadilla - at - or telephone 415-867-0628

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 October 2010 15:08