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The Peace and Freedom Party, founded in 1967, is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.

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Board of Equalization Candidate Supports Injured Workers at Poway Toyota PDF Print E-mail

State Board Of Equalization 3rd District candidate Mary Lou Finley speaks for Dina Padilla and supports injured workers at Poway Toyota. Statement prepared for August 25, 2010, when Poway Toyota injured workers filed workers comp fraud charges against the dealership owners and the CorVel insurance company.

Good morning. My name is Mary Lou Finley, and I am the Peace and Freedom candidate for State Board of Equalization 3rd district. I am speaking on behalf of Dina Padilla and her suit against the Toyota Dealership in Poway on behalf of the workers who became ill because they had to work under unsafe conditions. Dina Padilla is also a candidate for State Insurance Commissioner.

Poway's Toyota dealership gambled on its employees health by not taking the necessary and proper precautions to ensure its working environment was safe. Now it won't take responsibility for that unwise decision. This Toyota dealership is guilty of criminal negligence. It is an outrage that these workers have to turn to the legal system for compensation and the legal system may or may not come through for them.

Dina Padilla believes real people, not corporations come first. We can't trust the corporations to act ethically or humanely. This situation and the unconscionable behavior of the Poway Toyota Dealership management is evidence of that.

The Peace and Freedom Party is running a full slate of statewide candidates

  • Carlos Alvarez for Governor
  • C. T. Weber for Lieutenant Governor
  • Marylou Cabral for Secretary of State
  • Karen Martinez for State Controller
  • Debra Reiger for State Treasurer
  • Robert Evans for Attorney General
  • Dina Padilla for Insurance Commissioner
  • Marsha Feinland for U. S. Senator

as well as a full slate of Board of Equalization candidates and several other candidates for State Senate, State Assembly and U.S. House of Representatives, like our own Miriam Clark who is running in district 50.

Mary Lou Finley is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for State Board Of Equalization, 3rd District.

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