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Ending Racism and National Oppression

Accompanying the continuing economic crisis, we see a rise in racial discrimination, increased terrorism against racially and nationally oppressed people, and retrenchment in civil rights. Minority families are disproportionately victimized by cutbacks in health care, education, child care, welfare, food stamps and jobs.

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Open the Debates 1: Candidate Pledge PDF Print E-mail

The Peace and Freedom Party calls on all candidates for statewide office to sign the following statement on open debates.

Responses from the candidates are being posted on this page as they are received.

For the right of all ballot qualified statewide candidates to inclusion in all televised and radio debates of candidates for the office in which they are running.

The following candidates for California statewide offices call for the inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates in any debate using public air waves through television or radio for the statewide elections in which they are running . We also urge all candidates who are running for statewide office to join this call for democratic inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates on all televised and radio debates for that office in California in which they are running.

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