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The capitalists use every difference in society, including sex, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, age, and physical abilities to divide workers in order to depress wages, maintain a surplus labor pool, and prevent working-class unity. We demand equal treatment of all people by employers, businesses and government. We stand for a world free from all forms of oppression.

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Cindy Varela Henderson for State Senate - District 26 PDF Print E-mail

Photo of Cindy Varela Hendeerson
Cindy Henderson

Cindy Varela Henderson has lived in the West Los Angeles area for more than thirty years, and is now a Culver City resident. She works as a communications technician, and is an active member of Communications Workers Local 9000. Having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, she is strongly in favor of the Peace and Freedom Party's platform plank calling for free public education from pre-school through the university level. A long-time motorcyclist, she believes she is the only A.B.A.T.E. member running for a legislative position this year.

Cindy is running to spotlight the actions legislators can and should take to improve health, education and the quality of life for working people and their families in California. Her main focus is on increasing needed revenue by taxing the wealthy and their corporations. California needs an oil severance tax like the other oil-producing states, and tax rates on those making over $300,000 a year should be increased to 10%, and on those making over $600,000 to 11%. Just these changes would bring in an additional 6 billion dollars. Additionally, collecting unpaid taxes owed by corporations and wealthy individuals would bring in more billions. The tax burden needs to be shifted away from working people, and put on the shoulders of those most able to pay, who have benefited the most from our system.

Cindy also ran in the 2009 special election for State Senate in the 26th District, and voters responded well to her sensible solutions to our state's problems. Her vote in the runoff was more than four times the percentage of her vote in the primary. As people in the district get to know her better, we can expect her support to grow.

The very irregularly-shaped 26th Senate District includes Culver City and at least 12 distinct neighborhoods in Los Angeles, including Hollywood, Century City, South Los Angeles, Koreatown, and much of West Los Angeles.


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The 26th Senate District

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Map of 26th Senate District
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