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Photo of Lanric Hyland
Nominating Ralph Nader at the 2008 convention

Ric Hyland is the son of a California State Senator from Montecito. While attending McGeorge Law School, young Ric robbed his father’s hotel, for which he was sent to Soledad. While in prison Ric met black militants including Eldridge Cleaver. Later he became one of the early leaders of Peace and Freedom Party. He became Eldridge Cleaver’s campaign manager for President in 1968. In 1970, he was Ricardo Romo’s campaign manager for Governor. Ric went on to earn a masters degree in Human Services Administration from Antioch University, and a masters degree in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York. He continued to live and work outside of California for years. Eventually, he moved to Sacramento where he registered back into the Peace and Freedom Party.

In 2008, Ric gave the nomination speech for Ralph Nader at the Peace and Freedom Party state convention in Sacramento. Now he is running for State Senate - like, but unlike, his father. Ric is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate. The 6th District is basically the northwest quarter of Sacramento County.

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