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Full Employment

We demand a socially useful job at union pay levels or a guaranteed dignified income for everyone.

We support the establishment of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to alleviate poverty and homelessness.

We call for a 30-hour work week for 40 hours' pay and abolition of forced overtime.

We demand a legally mandated annual paid vacation of at least 4 weeks.

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For more on Debra Reiger's campaign, visit her website and campaign page.

October 23 candidate forum: establish a state bank!

Speaking at a candidate forum in Oakland on October 23, Debra Reiger explains why State Treasurer is an important job, why we should vote for her, and why California should create a state bank. Source: San Francisco Bay Indymedia.

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October 1 on the California Channel

As part of the California Channel's Free Airtime Project, Debra Reiger is interviewed by Carol Souza Cole of the League of Women Voters.

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