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Dina Padilla calls herself "the insurance industry's worst nightmare." Typically, California's insurance commissioners have been very respectful of big insurance companies, and failed to take any action in connection with the fraud, maltreatment and harassment these companies inflict on working people. Since all the insurance commissioners have come to office as the nominees of one or another of the twin parties of corporate capitalism, this should be no surprise. Dina is a different sort!

Dina proposes to eliminate insurance companies entirely from the field of health care, which she believes should be run along "single-payer" lines, or simply made into a publicly-run health service with all the profiteers excluded. An injured worker herself, she knows through years of work on the cases of other injured workers that insurance companies typically use all the tricks in the book, as well as outright fraud and abuse, to deny care and legally-required financial support to workers who have suffered injuries on the job, or disability as a result of chemical exposure on the job.

Dina Padilla often testifies at legislative hearings and the hearings of commissions and regulatory bodies on proposed laws and regulations, and she has helped organize media events and public demonstrations in support of injured and disabled workers. She has been particularly active in support of workers who are targeted for abuse, and even prosecution, when they protest maltreatment by employers and insurers. Dina was a union leader at Kaiser, and she herself was targeted by Kaiser when she protested her own treatment after being injured. She discovered that her union, the SEIU, had a sweetheart relationship with Kaiser in which the union simply failed to defend or represent her and others injured on the job. Dina is a strong advocate of internal democracy in unions, so that they will consistently fight employer abuses.

One target Dina has helped expose is the California Fraud Assessment Commission. A state body, it directs $29 million dollars in insurance premiums to district attorneys to prosecute workers singled out by insurance companies as alleged abusers. But it has consistently refused to provide even one cent to expose or prosecute the massive fraud committed by insurance companies themselves, or self-insured employers like Safeway, whose Risk Management Vice President William Zachry was until recently the FAC chair! (As one might expect, with no funds available, no District Attorney has shown any interest in investigating fraud by the companies.) Safeway itself is one of the worst abusers of its workers. Dina is proud of being a leader of the long campaign to remove Zachry, which was successful when he resigned as FAC chair. As an illustration of the similar roles of the two corporate parties, Zachry had been appointed by a Democrat and reappointed by a Republican.

Dina Padilla lives in Sacramento County, and is a member of the Sacramento County Peace and Freedom Party Central Committee, as well as the party's State Central Committee. She is the nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party for Insurance Commissioner in the November 2, 2010 election.

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Dina J.Padilla as insurance commissioner will be the insurance industry's worst nightmare. We need healthcare not insurance companies. www.padilla4insurancecommissioner.com



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