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Peace and International Justice

The drive for greater profits by multi-national corporations which direct U.S. foreign policy is a major cause of war. We stand for peace between nations and the right of all peoples to self-determination. We support an ongoing socialist transformation everywhere.

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Photo of Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez

"We all know there is an abuse of power and public money in the expenditure of taxpayers' dollars. Corporations are actually running our national and state governments," says Karen Martinez, candidate for State Controller. "The Office of State Controller is the most under-used political statewide office. Where is the accountability of the controller to the people? Are we really paying someone just to attend board meetings and manage money?"

"The controller is the one who can gather evidence of financial wrong-doing. This present controller believes that simply posting audits online is the limit of his responsibility. The Department of Industrial Relations, with a political crony of the governor as director, is deliberately negligent in the collection of 17 million dollars of fines on businesses. Other than place the audit online with no description, the present controller has done nothing about it. He has kept businesses and corporations happy, but has done nothing to rouse the people when millions in public money is stolen, as in the Industrial Relations case. We do not need someone who merely acts as an accountant, we need someone who cannot forget that the voters put him there and his accountability is to the people," says Karen.

Karen Martinez received a B.A. in Kansas and a M.A. in Government from Sacramento State University. She has spent most of her life in California. She used to be "a typical soccer mom," and has been active politically since the mid-nineties. "People in the Peace and Freedom Party have the courage to step up and say things before they are popular, to oppose wars, to speak up for minorities and gays and immigrants - and it's not just lip service. They mean it!" she says.

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Sick and tired of Wall Street and California corporate controlled politicians degrading your quality of life?

Let your voice be heard! Vote Karen Martinez.


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