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California's socialist and feminist political party urges you to:


Race, Class and Police Violence, July 25 in Oakland

Posted on July20, 2015 by the Webmaster

The Peace and Freedom Party in cooperation with the Oscar Grant Committee invites you to a forum on

Race, Class, and Police Violence

When: Saturday, July 25 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Where: Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland (MAP)
What: public forum
Sponsors: Oscar Grant Committee and the Peace and Freedom Party
Contact: call 510-465-9414 or 510-332-3865
Cost: Free


Climate Solutions: A Left Perspective on Global Warming

By Roger D. Harris

Posted on June 23, 2015 by the Communications Committee

To download this article for printing and distribution, click here.

Global warming demands immediate and practical solutions. Such solutions are available, and they would enhance our quality of life rather than diminish it. At the same time, pursuit of these solutions points to the need for more basic, long-term changes to the system of waste which defines the country that has contributed the most to creating human-caused climate change.

Yet the debate over climate solutions has been hijacked. Most mainstream politicians simply point the finger at each other, blaming their opponents for gridlock. Confronting the world’s biggest polluter – the US military – has been taken off the table; even the statistics on greenhouse gas emissions have been cooked to make the effects of the global and domestic security state invisible. And instead of addressing the political dimensions of how to retool an unsustainable economy, the discussion has devolved into choosing among dueling technologies.


Statewide Coordinated Actions to End Solitary Confinement, August 23

Posted on March 11, 2015 by the Webmastser, last updated July 24, 2015

Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement (SCATESC) began Monday, March 23, 2015 and are continuing on the 23rd of each month. This date emphasizes the 23 or more hours every day that people are kept in solitary confinement.

When: Sunday, August 23
Where: for locations and times see Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity
What: local events to protest solitary confinements in California prisons

Contact: email prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity - at - or call 510-444-0484


The Peace and Freedom Party endorses these events.


Coalition protests Trans Pacific Partnership on April 2

By Cindy Gordon

Posted on April 10, 2015 by the Los Angeles County Central Committee

Image of rally flyer not available

Los Angeles activists gathered in front of Congressman Xavier Becerra’s (D-34) office Thursday, April 2 for a rally and press conference to persuade him to reverse his position on the dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) bill and undemocratic Fast Track authority.

The action was organized by the Peace and Freedom Party Climate Justice Task Force and had participation by comrades from the Martin Luther King Coalition and Anti-Racist Action, as well as some labor activists and others. We chanted "Hey-Hey, Ho Ho, TPP has Got to Go” and "Well come back until we smash Fast Track”. Becerra must’ve heard us because we were right under his window. Although the turn-out was not what we had hoped for, both KPFK radio and KABC television news crews showed up.


To the Santa Cruz City Council

Posted on March 24 by the Santa Cruz County Central Committee

This letter was sent to the Santa Cruz City Council in advance of a March 24 public hearing on the city's acquisition of a Lenco BearCat military vehicle (see "Give back The BearCat").

March 22, 2015

Mayor Lane and Members of the Santa Cruz City Council:

The Santa Cruz County Peace and Freedom Party opposes the purchase of the Lenco BEARCAT agreed to by the Santa Cruz City Council at their December 9th meeting. We have followed developments closely since that time and find that the situation has not changed enough either in the potential for military use or in procedures for military acquisitions by a city department. The $100,000 threshold now being proposed is far too high and does not allow for transparency to the taxpayers who are footing the bill.


A Living Wage for Mothers and Other Caregivers

Posted on March 11, 2015 by the Webmaster

At its March 9, 2015 State Central Committee meeting, the Peace and Freedom Party endorsed a petition campaign being organized by the British organization Global Women's Strike. Here is the petition.

Petition to ALL governments: A living wage for mothers and other caregivers

Caring for others is the foundation of every society, yet this work, done mostly by women, is devalued and underfunded.

We demand that:

1. Every worker be paid a living wage, including mothers and other caregiverss.

2. National and international budgets redirect financial support and resources to mothers and other caregivers.


Solidarity with ASUC Actions on Divestment

Posted on March 5, 2015 by the Communications Committee

The California Peace and Freedom Party stands in solidarity with the recent action of the Associated Students of the University of California at Davis (ASUCD) advocating divestment from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation of and settlements in Palestine.

On January 22, The ASUCD Senate adopted a resolution "urging the Board of Regents of the University of California (UC Regents) to undertake practices of corporate social responsibility through divesting from corporations that aid in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and illegal settlements in Palestinian territories, violating both international humanitarian law and international human rights". The full text of the resolution is available at


Marsha Feinland on RT News

Posted on March 6, 2015 by the Webmaster

Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee member Marsha Feinland talks with RT News commentator Tim Kirby on his Kirby's War of Words program on February 24.

Source: RT News.


Save the South Central Farm (Again)

By Eugene Ruyle

Posted on February 14, 2015 by the Communications Committee

Update: on March 9, 2015, the State Central Committee adopted the following resolution, which was transmitted to the EIR Analysis Section of the Los Angeles City Planning Department the next day: "We ask that the Draft EIR for the 4051 South Alameda Street Project be re-written to give fair consideration to all alternatives and that the City of Los Angeles listen to the voices of the people of Los Angeles and reject the proposed development, thereby preserving the land for agricultural purposes."

Photo unavailable
Sign showing local support for South Central Farm

For twelve years, from 1994 to 2006, the South Central Farm was an oasis of ecological diversity in the industrial wasteland of South Central Los Angeles. In 1994, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley dedicated the land that became the South Central Farm to the people, selling it to the Harbor Department which issued a permit for its agricultural use under the supervision of the L.A. Regional Food Bank. The South Central Farmers accepted responsibility for maintaining the Farm for the health of the neighborhood.

The 14 acres were farmed by about 350 families, mostly immigrants from Mexico and Central America, who grew an estimated 100 to 150 species of plants for food, herbal medicine, and spiritual uses. This diversity led UCLA to establish an agricultural research station there.

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Preamble to Our By-laws

The Peace and Freedom Party is an open, multi-tendency, movement-oriented socialist party. We are united in our common commitment to socialism, democracy, feminism and unionism and our common opposition to capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism and elitism.

These by-laws do not define socialism, nor do they identify the strategies and tactics of how to achieve socialism. We agree that socialism is necessary and that it will open up a democratic decision-making process for appropriate use of resources and distribution of labor.

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