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State Central Committee 2012-2014

The Peace and Freedom Party is governed by its State Central Committee (SCC) and County Central Committees (CCCs). For a fuller description of the party's organization, see this article. For the State Executive Committee, see here. For County Central Committees, see here.

State Central Committee for 2012-2014

1. State Executive Committee members are listed in bold.
2. Members were elected at the June 5, 2012 primary unless a date of appointment is given.

  • Karl Abrams (Los Angeles)
  • Meghan Adams (San Francisco)
  • Kevin Akin (Riverside County)
  • Margie Akin (Riverside County)
  • Mohammad Arif (Kern County)

  • Richard Becker (San Francisco)
  • Eric Bergman (Alameda County)
  • Sherill Borg (Contra Costa County)
  • Jon Britton (Santa Clara)
  • Aiden Butler (Los Angeles)

  • David Campbell (San Francisco) - appointed August 4, 2012
  • Clay Claiborne (Los Angeles)
  • Miriam Clark (San Diego)
  • John Comly (Alameda)
  • Muna Coobtee (Los Angeles)
  • Miriam Clark (San Diego County) - appointed August 5, 2012
  • Juan Cruz (Los Angeles)

  • Albert Dragstedt (Alameda County)

  • Bob Evans (Alameda County)

  • Sergio Farias (Orange County)
  • Marsha Feinland (Alameda County)
  • David Feldman (Los Angeles County)
  • Mary Lou Finley (San Diego County)
  • Gerald Allen "Jerry" Frink (Sacramento County)

  • Don Geagan (Los Angeles County)
  • Gary Gordon (Los Angeles County)

  • Roger Harris (Marin County)
  • Cindy Varela Henderson (Los Angeles County)
  • Guillermo Herrera (Solano County) - appointed August 5, 2012
  • Peter S. Horn (Sacramento County)
  • Nathalie Hrizi (San Francisco County)

  • Howard Johnson (Los Angeles County) - appointed August 5, 2012
  • Dave Kadlecek (Santa Clara County)
  • Douglas Kauffman (Los Angeles County)
  • Nancy Elizabeth Keiler (San Francisco)
  • Christina B. Kelly (Los Angeles County)
  • Sean Kolkey (Ventura County)

  • Gloria La Riva (San Francisco)
  • Tom Lacey (San Francisco)
  • Nancy Lawrence (Los Angeles County) - appointed August 5, 2012
  • Cassandra Lepe (Yolo County)
  • Antoinette Marquez (San Francisco County)
  • Mary McIlroy (Alameda County)
  • Stevie Danielle Merino (Los Angeles County)
  • Yolanda Miranda (Los Angeles County)
  • Erin Renee Mitchell (Sonoma County)
  • Toby Mitchell-Sawyer (Sacramento County)
  • Susan Muysenberg (Santa Clara County)

  • Toni Novak (Sonoma County)

  • Steven Patt (Santa Clara County)
  • Steven Payan (Yolo County)
  • Richard R. Perry (Sacramento County)
  • Casey Peters (Riverside County)
  • Marilyn Peters (Riverside County)

  • Katherine Ramsden (Solano County) - appointed August 5, 2012
  • Debra Reiger (Sacramento County)
  • John Reiger (Sacramento County)
  • Ray Reynolds (Sacramento County)
  • Bob Richard (Marin County)
  • Linda E. Roberts (Sacramento County)
  • Michael Roskey (Sacramento County)
  • Gene Ruyle (Alameda County)

  • Gerald Sanders (Alameda County)
  • Phillip Sawyer (Sacramento County)
  • Forrest Schmidt (San Francisco County)
  • James R. Smith (Los Angeles County)
  • Maureen Smith (Santa Cruz County)
  • Mike Smith (Santa Cruz County)
  • Alice Stek (Los Angeles County)
  • Meryl Sundove (Marin County)
  • Irv Sutley (Sonoma County)
  • Neal Sweeney (Santa Cruz County)
  • Tahnee Sweeney (Santa Cruz County)

  • Ian Thompson (Los Angeles County)
  • Jesse Thomson-Burns (Sacramento County)

  • Enrique Vasquez (Los Angeles County)

  • C.T. Weber (Sacramento County)
  • Robert Weinstein (Sonoma County)
  • Anna A. White (Sonoma County)
  • Travis Wilkerson (Los Angeles County)
  • Joe Williams (Santa Cruz County)
  • Kit Williams (Fresno County)
  • Suzy Williams (Los Angeles County)
  • Edward "Teddy" Wood (Santa Cruz County)
  • Cat Woods (Marin County)
  • Stan Woods (Alameda County)
  • Linda Wren (Sonoma County)
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