This page lists and briefly describes the subcommittees of the State Central Committee and provides links to contact forms for each one. Please click here for information about the State Central Committee.

Communications Committee ( contact )

The Communications Committee informs the public about the activities, positions and policies of the Peace and Freedom Party. It manages our websites, print publications, media relations and social media presence.

Fundraising Committee ( contact )

Legislative Committee ( contact )

The Legislative Committee reviews pending legislation and advocates for the party's positions with legislators. It also develops legislative proposals and seeks sponsors for them. It works primarily with the California State Legislature but will expand to the federal level as the Peace and Freedom Party expands.

Registration and Organizing Committee ( contact )

Youth Committee ( contact )

The Youth Committee gives young people a voice in the most radical party on the ballot in California, promotes democratic solutions that benefit youth and students, and mentors those of the next generation in becoming active socialist organizers. We provide materials for high school and college/university clubs and classes, to educate about the possibilities still available not only in the ballot box, but also in organizing communities to protect the interests of youth and students.

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