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Peace and Freedom Candidates in the 1968 Election

By C. T. Weber

Posted on October 26, 2016 by the Webmaster

This table lists the Peace and Freedom Party's 36 candidates on the 1968 general election ballot, plus one write-in candidate.

John BlethenAD-8011-05-19681,1991.1Loss
Donald S. CastroAD-4911-05-19682,7322.6Loss
Robert G. ClarkeCD-2011-05-19683,0951.6Loss
Eldridge CleaverPresident 11-05-196827,7070.4Loss
Kathleen N. CleaverAD-1811-05-19682,7784.7Loss
James B. CobbAD-3611-05-19688640.8Loss
Ben DobbsCD-1711-05-19681,7641.2Loss
Marvin GarsonCD-0511-05-19684,6073.5Loss
Dick Gregory (write-in)President11-05-19683,2300.0Loss
John HaagSD-2511-05-19684,9942.2Loss
Sam HamillAD-4211-05-19681,3591.9Loss
Adolph N. HoffmannCD-0111-05-19683,3791.9Loss
Paul JacobsUS Senate11-05-196892,9651.3Loss
Terese A. "T.C." KarmelCD-3811-05-19681,2180.6Loss
Ronald King Jr.AD-3411-05-19681640.3Loss
Jeffrey R. KlineAD-3111-05-19681,5641.9Loss
Hans LederSD-3511-05-19683,8131.5Loss
Irwin LublinAD-4811-05-19682,6493.6Loss
Robert MachadoAD-1311-05-19681,1631.1Loss
Hugh ManesCD-2211-05-19683,1161.7Loss
Dwight V. MooreAD-3711-05-19681,0821.0Loss
Warren A. NeilsenSD-3911-05-19683,2042.1Loss
Huey P. NewtonCD-0711-05-1968 12,279 7.5 Loss
Robert A. NiemannAD-6011-05-19684,8024.4Loss
Axel OstergardAD-4011-05-19687491.9Loss
Sherman PearlCD-2811-05-19684,7241.9Loss
Martin L. PrimackCD-1011-05-19684,3201.8Loss
David Demorest RansomCD-1111-05-19682,1681.0Loss
David William RyninAD-1611-05-19681,7132.1Loss
Trudy SaposhnekAD-5711-05-19682,4222.2Loss
Mario SavioSD-1111-05-196811,7123.4Loss
Clifford ScharfAD-6411-05-19681,6141.4Loss
Bobby SealeAD-1711-05-19684,7648.2Loss
Robert A. Shepherd SD-2711-05-19683,1612.5Loss
Peter J. ThurstonSD-2911-05-19682,4002.2Loss
Jack WeinbergCD-2611-05-19686,6223.2Loss
Victoria WoodsAD-7411-05-19682,1992.0Loss

C. T. Weber has been active in the Peace and Freedom Party since its founding in 1967. He is an officer at large of the State Central Committee and chair of the Legislative Committee.

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