'No war on Iran,' demands PFP leader

by Partisan Staff

Calling support for war threats against Iran by Republicans and Democrats "shameful," the California State Chair of the Peace and Freedom says such an attack would be "A clear case of aggression, and a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution."

Debra Reiger of Sacramento, reporting on the mood of her party after its State Central Committee meeting in Fresno on November 11 and 12,, said "active opposition to the war threats against Iran is a must for anyone seeking our party's nomination next year."

While the final list of Presidential candidates in the February 5th primary will not be announced by the California Secretary of State until November 29, Reiger reports that "about half a dozen" candidates will appear on the Peace and Freedom Party ballot. "All the candidates are active opponents of the war in Iraq, and our activists and voters will be watching how effective they are in mobilizing opposition to the proposed shameful attack on Iran," said Reiger.

"We will also have dozens of candidates for Congress and the State Legislature" reported Reiger, "and all of them will be speaking out for peace." The Peace and Freedom Party is currently reported to have over 56,000 registered voters in California, but Reiger expects that number to grow in advance of the February 5th primary election.

Reiger identified the party's reasons for opposing an attack on Iran as "rejection of aggression, rejection of the imperial aims of the Republicans and Democrats, concern for the lives of our troops and millions of innocent Iranians, and rejection of the vicious campaign of lies and fantastic claims about Iranian military objectives." She pointed out that "these are not new lies, they are all recycled from the push for the war in Iraq."

Other important issues Reiger said her party members will consider in making their primary election choices include support for a universal healthcare plan, steeply raising the minimum wage, opposing racism and all discrimination and providing free education from preschool through the university. "Ours is a working-class party," said Reiger, "and we focus on the needs of working people."
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