While two of the San Francisco 8 remain in prison in New York as a result of earlier convictions, the other six defendants were out on bail by mid-September. (See Partisan #23 for details of the case.)

The government is pursuing the false murder accusations, despite having no real evidence other than statements extracted by torture, earlier thrown out by other judges.

"The evidence is nonsense, the prosecution appears incompetent, and the defendants are clearly innocent - but frameups like this have succeeded before," says Gerald Sanders of Oakland, a supporter of the SF-8 and former Black Panther who serves on the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee. "Mass support is needed to win this one."

Sanders, who ran for State Treasurer last year as the Peace and Freedom Party nominee, calls the case "a referendum on torture. This is one of the most important legal cases in America right now. The question is, can we torture defendants and put them in jail based on what they say under torture? This is a yes or no question. The jury must answer yes or no."

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