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Partisan Number 26, September 2008
The Partisan is published by the California State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party at P.O. Box 24764, Oakland, California 94623. Staff for this issue included Francisco Rodriguez, Bob Maschi, Dave Kadlecek, Tom Condit, Shushannah Akin, and Kevin Akin, with contributions and help from many others.

This is issue number 26, for which the closing date was September 12, 2008. All articles are the opinions of their authors and are not necessarily official policy of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Signed articles and artwork are copyright 2008 by their authors. Unsigned articles may be freely reprinted provided credit is given to the Partisan.

If at all possible, articles for publication should be submitted either typed and double-spaced or electronically. Send electronic mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you would like articles, artwork or photographs returned.

Submissions may be edited for length or clarity.

The Partisan reserves the right to refuse any submission or advertisement.
1 Nader and Gonzalez on California ballot
2 Peace and Freedom supports #2 and #5, opposes 8 other ballot meeasures
3 Added to the honor roll
4 Cindy Sheehan on the ballot
5 Around the Peace and Freedom Party
6 Good, bad and ugly: the November propositions
7 McCain, Obama and Nader on Health Care
8 P and F endorsements
9 Dina Padilla
10 Linda Roberts
11 Eugene Ruyle
12 Marsha Feinland
13 Gerald Frink
14 Bill Callison
15 Cindy Sheehan
16 Nathalie Hrizi
17 Karen Martinez
18 Lucilla Esguerra
19 Letters to the Editor
20 Regarding Ralph Nader
21 Financial crisis shows socialist solutions needed
22 The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal
23 PFP going national
24 P and F now on world wide web
25 Renters and foreclosure
26 The Nader statement
27 Los candidatos: Nader y Gonzalez
28 ¿Que dice Ralph Nader?
29 Una lista historica
30 Los Candidatos
50 Years of PFP Logo