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Peace and Freedom Party on ballot at least through 2018

By Kevin Akin

Posted on October 7 2014 by the Communication Committee

When the voters were fooled into passing Proposition 14 in 2010, they were told it provided for an "open primary" that would give voters "more choice". Many did not realize that more choices in June meant taking away all but two choices for each office in November. But less choice in November -- when it counts -- was not the only bad result of "top two". Because no candidates of the smaller parties would appear on the statewide ballot in November, the new law made it essentially impossible for these parties to remain ballot qualified by getting enough votes in the gubernatorial election every four years.

On Tuesday September 30, Governor Brown signed AB 2351 by Assembly member Richard Gordon of Menlo Park. This bill changes the vote test to the June primary election in gubernatorial election years, with votes for all candidates preferring the party counting toward the required two percent of the vote. As Nathalie Hrizi of the Peace and Freedom Party received 5.4% of the vote (212,999 votes) for Insurance Commissioner in the June 2014 primary, the party will stay on the ballot at least through 2018, the year of the next gubernatorial election.

Another change in the law included in AB 2351 specified that a party can qualify through having 0.33% of all the voters in the state registered as preferring that party. The former standard was a number of voters equal to 1% of all those voters who cast ballots in the November gubernatorial election. The number of voters in an election for governor is very hard to predict accurately. Using a figure based on actual voter registration is easier for everyone involved, including the Secretary of State, whose endorsement of AB 2351 helped get it through the legislature. Right now, the Peace and Freedom Party is well above the 0.33% level, and with continuing voter registration work should remain qualified no matter what the vote in 2018 may be.

Here is Assembly Member Gordon's description of AB 2351 (from his official website):

AB 2351 – Party Qualification

Proposition 14, passed by the voters in June of 2010, will eliminate one of the primary avenues used by the smaller political parties such as the Peace & Freedom, Libertarian, and Green to remain qualified and therefore maintain ballot status. In response, AB 2351 would make two specific changes to the party qualification statutes to remedy this situation and continue to provide smaller parties with a reasonable opportunity to retain their qualified party status.

Kevin Akin is Secretary of the California Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee.

For more on ballot access issues, see

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