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PFP Opposes AB 469

Posted on May 21, 2017 by the Legislative Committee

The following statement opposing Assembly Bill 469 was distributed to all 80 members of the State Assembly on May 19. The Assembly will vote on this measure within the next few days. Click here for a PDF version of this legislative floor alert.

Assembly Floor Alert

AB 469 – Candidates: nomination documents – Oppose
May 19, 2017

Contact: C. T. Weber, (916) 422-5395 (Message) or (916) 320-9186 (Cell)

The Peace and Freedom Party of California opposes AB 469 and urges members of the Assembly to vote NO.

I am sending you this alert on behalf of Peace and Freedom Party in opposition to AB 469. This proposed legislation would amend California Elections Code section 8106, which certainly needs amending, but in our view AB 469 amends it in a way that makes it more difficult for candidates, especially poor and working class candidates, to participate in the electoral process and denies voters the opportunity to have more choices. This bill reduces the number of days to collect the huge number of signatures in lieu of filing fees, and it eliminates supplemental signatures in lieu of filing fees.

Current law requires 10,000 signatures in lieu of filing fees in order for a candidate to qualify for the primary ballot for a statewide office, 3,000 for a U. S. House of Representatives and a State Senate candidate and 1,500 for a State Assembly candidate.

AB 469 reduces the number of days to collect signatures in lieu from 55 days to 40 days, and it totally eliminates another 15 days the candidates have to collect supplemental signatures. This bill reduces the total number of days to gather signatures in lieu, and supplemental signatures, from 70 days to 40 days. This is a 42.8% reduction.

AB 469 was amended to reduce the number of signatures to 7,000 for a statewide candidate (a 30% reduction), 2,000 for U.S. Congress and State Senate (a 33% reduction), 1,000 for State Assembly (a 33% reduction) and for all other offices there is a 25% reduction. The result is that AB 469, as amended, makes signature gathering more difficult than current law.

These signature requirements are most likely unconstitutional because they are not reasonable alternatives to California's filing fees as required by the U. S. Supreme Court decision in Lubin v Panish. We should encourage and expand participation in our electoral system not restrict it. That should be the direction of any amendments to Section 8106. Peace and Freedom Party of California has a long history of trying to make our electoral system more democratic, accessible and transparent.

For these and other reasons Peace and Freedom Party stands opposed to AB 469. If you have any questions regarding this bill, you may contact me at (916) 422-5395 or CTWeberVoters - at -

We urge the members of the Assembly to vote No on AB 469.

C. T. Weber
Peace and Freedom Party of California
Legislative Committee Chair

For more on ballot access legislation, see

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