By Dave Kadelecek

Posted on October 30, 2011 by the Alameda County Central Committee

For those of you who live in Oakland, there is a special mail-only election currently underway. Ballots have already been sent out to those already registered, and Monday, October 31st is the deadline to register if you need to (for instance because you have moved recently). The Peace and Freedom Party urges its supporters to vote NO on Measure H (to change the City Attorney from an elected to an appointed position) and Measure I (a parcel tax).

Ballots must be mailed in time to be received at the Alameda County elections office by November 15 at the latest (the postmark date doesn't count). Click here for links to sample ballots and the city's official descriptions of the measures.

Dave Kadlecek is co-chair of the Alameda County Central Committee.

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