Posted on June 29, 2013 by the Santa Cruz County Central Committee

When:  July 4, 10:00am - noon
Where:  Ocean at Water Street, Santa Cruz (MAP)
What:  July 4th Protest
Sponsor: Santa Cruz County Peace and Freedom Party (others listed below)
Contact:  Maureen Smith oflaherty [at]

Join local patriots in the spirit of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden to call for freedom for All Political Prisoners and freedom from War, the National Security State, Corporate Rule, Drone Strikes, Torture, Guantanamo, Monsanto, Nuclear Power, the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, Hunger, Occupation, ICE, and Austerity Economics (this list is ever expanding).

We will have large signs, displays and handouts to greet the morning traffic coming into Santa Cruz.

Partial list of sponsors:

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