Posted on October 3, 2013 by the Communications Committee

October 12 is an indigenous day of resistances in Sacramento.

  • Decolonization of education and history
  • Preserve/protect culture and sacret sites
  • Honor all treaties and soverign land
  • Stop corporate hold of food and water
  • Stop the XL pipeline
  • Stop deportations/separation of families
  • Humane immigration reform now
  • Stop militarization of the borders


When: Saturday, October 12 at 10:00am
Where: West Steps of the Capitol Building, Sacramento (MAP)
What: Drums * dancrers * speakers * rally * march * workshops * Danza * music and more
Sponsorw: Brown Berets De SacrAztlán, Occupy Sacramento and others
Contact: email CL Cass, xicanacl - at -

The California Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed this event.

The Brown Berets of SacrAstlan (Autonomous Chapter), Peace and Freedom Party California, Occupy Sacramento, and various tribes denounce the United States glorification of the atrocities committed against native ancestors of the Americas during the indigenous holocaust led by Christopher Columbus.

The Columbus Holiday is shamelessly celebrated nationally. Native Americans, students, labor and civil rights groups join together in the national call for all communities across the Americas to denounce this so-called "celebration" and replace it with a national holiday to remember and honor the "indigenous people".

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