Posted on January 18, 2016 by the Communications Committee

Join Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity and the Peace and Freedom Party in Sacramento on February 1.

  • Sleep deprivation is torture!
  • No more torture in our name!

When: Monday, February 1 at 1:00pm
Where: California Department of Corrections, 1515 S St, Sacramento (MAP)
What: rally against the torture of prisoners
Sponsor: Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity
Contact: call 510.426.5322 or email phssreachingout - at -

The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed this event.

Since Aug 2, 2015, people in Pelican Bay SHU have been jolted awake by guards doing loud “checks” every 30 minutes. This cruel torture tactic is causing serious psychological and physical harm. Sleep deprivation is inhumane. Join us to demand an immediate end to this torture.

No more torture in our name!

For more on California prisoners struggles, see

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