Join us on May 24! Peace and Freedom Party members will join with demonstrators from all of the other five ballot qualified parties (Green, Libertarian, American Independent, Democratic, and Republican) and independents (people registered Decline to State) in Sacramento.

When: 4:30PM (one hour before fundraiser starts)
Where: MIX Downtown, 1525 L Street, Sacramento
What: fund raising event organized by Gov. Schwarzenegger to support Prop 14 (minimum contribution $5,000)
Contact: Sacramento County Peace and Freedom Party at 916-422-5395

This is a David and Goliath story.  Our few thousand dollars against their millions of dollars. The Governor is throwing everything he has in support of a proposition that will reduce your choices in future general elections from six, maybe seven if an independent qualifies, to only two candidates. The general election is much larger and much more important than the smaller, less significant primary election. Everyone needs to be there.

For more information, see this Free and Equal Elections Foundation press release

Last revised May 22, 2010
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