On Tuesday, October 12, Dominican University in San Rafael will host a televised debate between two of the candidates for Governor, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown. Why just two candidates? Why not our candidate for Governor, Carlos Alvarez, and Green candidate Laura Wells and Libertarian candidate Dale Ogden and AIP candidate Chelene Nightingale?

The Peace and Freedom parties of Marin and nearby counties will join with other supporters of open debates to protest the exclusion of four of the six candidates. We will gather at 4:00pm at Acacia Avenue and Grand Avenue, near the Dominican campus in San Rafael (MAP). Please join us. The debate starts at 6:30pm and the demonstration will last until about 6:00pm.

Unlike the sponsors of the statewide televised debates, the League of Women Voters invites every candidate to participate in its forums. The Peace and Freedom candidate for Congress, Gene Ruyle, will participate in a taped debate with Republican Jim Judd, Libertarian Joel Smolen and Democrat Lynn Woolsey on October 13 in Novato. This event will be broadcast multiple times on the Marin community access channel, Channel 26. Check the community television listings for specific times. Video may also be posted on the county League of Women Voters website.

Gene won the first debate hands down. It was held in Santa Rosa on September 20. You can watch the video on line at this link.

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