Posted on April 20, 2011 by the the Website Workers Council

The Peace and Freedom party, Peace of the Action (POTA) , CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, United Progressives, several other entities, and all Vulnerable Folks are calling on us to march, strike, and occupy Sacramento and beyond beginning May Day, 2011.

The strike and occupation will follow a march from numerous parts of the state to Sacramento beginning May 1, highlighted by a thematic mass march from San Francisco to the capital led by prominent peace activist Cindy Sheehan, national organization Peace of the Action, Bay Area Code Pink, California Alliance for Retired Americans, Peace & Freedom Party, Veterans for Peace chapters, and several other entities.

Download and distribute this flyer (print on both sides of letter paper and cut into half sheets).

For updates to this day-by-day schedule, please visit the Strike California website.

May 1

May Day - International Workers Day: Begin Marches across the state to Sacramento. San Francisco, Bay Area: 1130am, 24th and Mission, March with Coalition of Immigrants & Workers to Civic Center (100pm); Depart on March to Ferry Building (300pm); Ferry to Vallejo (600pm)

May 2

Myth Busting: We're broke - WRONG! There's ALWAYS $$ for war & rich! DEMAND $$$ for Housing, Health care, the Disabled... Vallejo (a city bankrupt!)

May 3

Unions, public sector, education... American Canyon & Napa (Napa Valley College, Napa High School)

May 4

Womyn, People of color... Suisun (has a 56% people of color population)

May 5

Militarism, Occupation, Rape, Torture...Fairfield Travis military base

May 6

Poor People, Prisons, Police Brutality … Vacaville (2 state prisons)

May 7

Immigrants... Dixon/Winters (large farmworker community, and 40% Latina/o population)

May 8

Nuclear radiation, gmo foods, corporate-takeover … Davis (UCD large agricultural 'research' gmo AND NUCLEAR REACTOR owned & operated by UCDavis - UC Davis McClellan Nuclear Research Center!)

May 9

May 9 & Beyond: Arrive Sacramento, Join Teacher’s Union Occupation of Capitol, Occupy
  • Set up Tent City occupation of Capitol grounds
  • "Refuse to Move"
  • Manage logistics, expand our ranks, employ tactics
  • Teach-Ins, Die-Ins, Human Be-Ins, and more

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