The the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) brings its War and Occupation Show back to the Bay Area, and Stop AIPAC is getting ready for a protest of AIPAC's extremism.

When: Monday December 13 at 5:00pm
Where: Oakland Marriott Hotel, 1001 Broadway near 12th Street BART, Oakland (MAP)
What: Protest rally at AIPAC annual meeting
Sponsor: Stop AIPAC
Contact: email people - at - or visit
Accessibility: no information provided

AIPAC brings its War and Occupation Show back to the Bay Area, and we are getting ready for a protest of aipac's extremism. Their keynote speaker at several events in the Bay Area, including the one in Oakland, is Rep. Shelley Berkley, a Democrat representing Las Vegas. Berkley not only works with the Zionist Organization of America, considered to be on the Far Right in the already Rightist tilt of AIPAC, but also Christians United For Israel, Rev. Hagee's outfit (it should be noted that Hagee was disavowed by Sen John McCain for his bigotry, Rep. Berkley has no such limits, however). AIPAC's announcement states that Berkley "is a strong proponent of natural growth in the settlements". (Update: AIPAC changed the wording of their Bio, but you may be able to see the original version here, or the PDF-version here. Notice they removed the blatant support of illegal settlements) It seems clear then that aipac's choice of speakers is meant to challenge the Obama's administration's very mild rebuke of Netanyahu's decision to continue building of illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank. AIPAC is intent on supporting Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank (or at least much of the West Bank). Such policies make peace impossible.

"Occupation now, Occupation tomorrow, Occupation forever!" is the clear, if unspoken, agenda of this gathering. It is groups like AIPAC that block the door of any progress for peace in the Middle East. We know, however, that injustice will not survive, that it eventually an unjust system will fall to those that demand their freedom, that no weapons system is ultimately effective against human solidarity and our collective desire to see justice realized.

That is why we will be out to protest this indecency. We will remind the people of aipac, and especially the politicians that support it, that we stand on the side of human rights and peace, and we demand an end to the unqualified support of Israeli policies. We stand for a future of peace and justice, not war and occupation.

See the flier for this Protest.

Endorsers of the Protest of AIPAC: Progressive Democrats of America-East Bay· Middle East Study Group· Middle East Children’s Alliance · Bay Area Women in Black · Students for Justice in Palestine · 14 Friends of Palestine · Richmond Progressive Alliance · American Friends Service Comm. · Code Pink · Jewish Voice for Peace · ANSWER- SF Bay Area · Friends of Deir Ibzi’a.

The Peace and Freedom Party has not officially endorsed this event.

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