From Congresswomen's Pelosi's Home To The Korean Consulate-Stop This Anti-People Trade Deal!

When: Saturday, January 29 at 11:00am
Where: 2740 Broadway, San Francisco (MAP)
What: March and rally to stop Korea-US FTA
Sponsors: California Fair Trade Coalition, United Public Workers For Action, No On KORUS Coalition, San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party
Contact: phone 415-282-1908 or 415-987-4870

The San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party is a sponsor of this event.

Endorsed by the San Francisco Labor Council.

Protest the Korean-US KORUS Free Trade Agreement on Saturday, January 29. Assemble at Congresswoman Pelosi's home, 2740 Broadway, and march to the Korean Consulate, 3500 Clay Street at Laurel.

Although Obama promised he would not push another NAFTA type agreement with South Korea, the recently negotiated agreement does nothing to defend labor rights in either Korea or the US. It will allow further outsourcing and more temporary and part time workers in Korea and the US through the deregulation of the labor market. In Korea today 50% of the workers have now been forced into the temporary workforce. It will also destroy the economic lives of tens of thousands of Korean farmers. Today in Korea, dozens of trade unionists are also in jail for labor activity including striking.

Public workers are also not allowed to unionize and the Teachers Korean Union KTU was raided by the police for lobbying against legislation that would hurt education.

At the same time this agreement will force privatization of the Korean national healthcare system in part by forcing high drug prices on the Korean healthcare system. This is why Pfizer and other big Pharma multi-nationals have fully backed this agreement along with other multi-national food and auto companies who will benefit. We are calling on Congresswomen Pelosi to vote NO on this agreement. She voted yes on NAFTA and that agreement has harmed the people of Mexico and the US lowering wages and destroying communities and jobs. We can't afford more deregulation, privatization and union busting from KORUS.

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