System Meltdown!
Why We’re Not Getting What We Need & What We Need to Do About It!

A Talk by Dr. Jack Rasmus, Former 1st Vice-President, National Writers Union, UAW

Sponsored by the San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party

Sunday, April 17th 7:00pm, The Redstone Building   
2926 - 2948 16th Street, 3rd floor Conference Room
San Francisco (between Capp St. and S. Van Ness Ave. one block from the 16th Street BART Station)

From Washington DC to Daly City California, gridlock is setting in.  Socialists have long warned about the dangers of the cyclic crises which are a characteristic feature of the capitalist system.  Democrats and Republicans are telling us an “all-cuts” budget is the only solution.  However, this is now being met with a kind of rank and file opposition from workers unprecedented in recent times.  Join us for a discussion on these matters featuring labor economist Jack Rasmus.  Jack will share some of his proposals for a working class response to the jobs, housing, and state and cities fiscal crises that he has suggested in his recent published articles in 'Z' magazine and his recent books: EPIC RECESSION: PRELUDE TO GLOBAL DEPRESSION, Pluto Press (2010), and OBAMA's ECONOMY: RECOVERY FOR THE FEW, Pluto Press (2011).
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