Posted on April 20, 2011 (updated on May 7) by the Website Workers Council

The Peace and Freedom Party, Bay Area CodePINK, many other organizations, and all vulnerable folks are calling on us to march/caravan, strike, and occupy Sacramento and beyond beginning May Day, 2011.

When: Sunday, May 1 to Sunday, May 8, 2011
Where: San Francisco to Sacramento
What: Caravan, rallies, forums
Sponsor: Code Pink
Contact: email info - at - or call 404-853-9990

The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed the march to Sacramento.

It’s time to take California, together we will direct our STATE BUDGET to become OUR BUDGET and demand an economy that works for people!

Your participation and endorsement of this march/strike is critical to strengthen our approach, our numbers, and our will.

On May 1st, May Day, Beltane, International Workers Day, we will gather 11:30am at 24th & Mission, SF, march with the Coalition of Immigrants & all Workers to the 1pm rally in Civic Center, from where we will launch our STRIKE MAY 2011 march and caravan to Sacramento!

At 3pm, we will march from the Civic Center to the Ferry Building and take the 6pm ferry to Vallejo.

For the next 8 days we will march/caravan/bike to Sacramento through American Canyon, Napa, Suisun, Fairfield, Vacaville, Winters, Woodland and Davis doing actions – marches, rallies, press conferences, flyering, bannering – along the way. There will be a main action from 4-6pm every day in a different city.

For a day-by-day schedule, click here.

We are calling on YOU to STRIKE – NO BUSINESS AS USUAL – and come walk, bike, skateboard, carpool, train with all of us vulnerable folks, to get to Sacramento. Come for 1 or all of the days, but come!

We will arrive in Sacramento on the 9th, the same day the 5 day teachers’ occupation of the Capitol begins. We will set up a TENT CITY and OCCUPY the capitol until the legislature votes OUR budget!

To date, the action has been endorsed by more than 35 organizations around the globe representing a variety of fronts, including Peace of the Action (POTA), Cindy Sheehan, United Progressives, Green Party of Alameda County, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Marin Peace & Social Justice Coalition, California Women’s Agenda, It’s Our Economy, Media Roots, Voters for Peace, Prosperity Agenda, Green Party of Alameda, Canadians for Action on Climate Change, Bay Area Community Exchange, California Alliance of Retired Americans, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, and the Arab American Union Members Council.

To be clear, this is a march and strike in direct challenge to Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature’s austerity measures in California. The budget “fixes” proposed will come down on the backs of the most vulnerable, while continuing to provide corporate welfare, funds and use of California National Guard in wars of aggression, and a regressive tax structure.

We believe there is a better way:

  • Close Corporate Tax Loopholes & Incentives
  • Fully fund education and other social programs
  • End state funding for National Guard Units leaving California
  • Raise Taxes (Employ Austerity) on California’s 650,000 Millionaire Households
  • Employ Massive Prison Reform & Drastically alter Criminalization Codes
  • Bring Single-Payer Health Care to California
  • Mandate and Create a Zero Carbon Economy to Mitigate Climate Change

We recognize the work we do in California now can be a model employed in other states and nations, and likewise seek your support to galvanize the effort and spread the word to your members, friends, allies, and colleagues. We will share our successes and failures every step of the way, and will help organize in every other state and nation as appropriate.

The Plan: March. Strike. Occupy.

We are deeply urging everyone to join us in the STRIKE, MARCH & TENT CITY for however long, however many day(s), hour(s) you choose. At the TENT CITY, we are hoping everyone will do teach-ins to share their information, strategize, and build a strong diverse coalition.

If you are willing to endorse and/or STRIKE, please email info@ or call 404-853-9990 and leave your name, number, email, and a brief sketch of your plans.

If you are willing to be active and work on this STRIKE MAY 2011 for however long, in any capacity, before, after, during, please also email or call ASAP!


Contact: info - at -, 404-853-9990.

If you are not on the list-serv and would like to be, just send an email: strikemay2011 - at - . It’ll notify you you can subscribe. Or subscribe at

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