Posted on June 7, 2011 by the San Francisco Central Committee

On June 10, rally at the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco, and march to Bechtel Corporation.

  • End The Cover-Up Of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Catastrophe
  • Close All Nuclear Plants In Japan, US And the World

When: Friday, June 10 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Where: Japanese Consulate, 50 Fremont Street at Mission, San Francisco (MAP)
What: Rally and march to Bechtel Corporation (50 Beale Street)
Sponsor: NO NUKE Action Committee
Contact: (917)774-4079 or (415)867-0628

The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed this event.

The nuclear melt down and environmental catastrophe in Fushima, Japan continues unabated. The nuclear workers, the communities and their children in the Fukushima area continue to be contaminated. The Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO along with the government have withheld information about this disaster to the, workers, people and their families and have changed the regulations protecting people from radioactive dangers.

At the same time, this radioactive leaking and contamination is spreading to the US and around the world and the California nuclear power plants at San Louis Obispo and San Onofre have been built right on faults as well. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has also admitted that they have no plans for a regional environmental catastrophe like the earthquake in the Sendai/Tohoku area.

This means similar events can happen right here in the US. We will also be demanding that all US nuclear plants by closed and that there be no US tax dollars used to subsidize the nuclear industry. Funds should be used for solar/clean energy and the building of a public/community controlled energy system along with a mass public transportation system that is energy efficient and not based to support the profit of these industries.

Today even in California, for example in Fresno, efforts are still being made to build nuclear plants

The US government in collaboration with GE, Westinghouse, Babcock-Wilcox, Bechtel and other corporations are pushing nuclear power plants and industry for profits despite the deadly dangers for humanity. It is time to call a halt to this nightmare.

Join with us to call for action to close these plants now.

NO NUKE Action Committee -- website and Facebook.

For information or to endorse phone 917-774-4079 or 415-867-0628.

Endorsed by United Public Workers For Action UPWA, Veterans For Peace, Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, Labor Video Project.

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