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Peter Mathews, sponsor of the a ballot measure to tax oil extraction, will speak on "The Oil Industry and California's Fiscal Crisis" on June 25 in San Jose. The Peace and Freedom Party supports this initiative and is helping collect signatures to put it on the ballot.

When: Saturday, June 25 2011 @ 06:30 PM - - 08:30PM
Where: San Jose Peace & Justice Center, 48 South 7th Street, San José (MAP)
What: Public forum featuring Peter Mathews
Sponsor: San Jose Peace and Justice Center
Contact: call 408-297-2299 or email sjpjc - at -
Cost: free, donations accepted.

The Peace and Freedom Party has not formally endorsed this event.

California is one of the few states in the United States that does not have a depletion oil tax. Even Sarah Palin increased Alaska's oil depletion tax from 23% to 25%. Some of this oil is even on California State lands but is not taxed.

Peter Mathews is a professor at Cypress College in Orange County. He will discuss the present fiscal crisis in California, where the money is, and why an oil depletion tax can finance education and resolve the present budget crisis.

Sharat G. Lin will give a brief introduction to the upstream oil industry in California.

All welcomed Donations accepted.

This event is sponsored by San Jose Peace and Justice Center.

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