Posted on October 10, 2011 by the State Executive Committee

A united front contingent organized by the Diablo chapter of the Movement for a Democratic Society will intervene with its own demands in the Jobs Not Cuts rally and march in Oakland on October 15.

  • We won't be fooled again
  • Break with the Democrats and Republicans

When: Saturday, October 15 at 12:30pm
Where: Lake Merritt BART Plaza, Oakland (MAP)
What: united front contingent will join rally and march to Frank Ogawa Plaza (12th Street BART)
Sponsor: Diable Valley Chapter of the Movement for a Democratic Society
Contact: call 925-798-3698 or 925-435-9906 or email dreamality108 - at -

The California Peace and Freedom Party and the Contra Costa County Peace and Freedom Party have endorsed the united front contingent.

The following called to action was circulated by email on October 3, 2011.


The recent Diablo Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) meeting voted to endorse and mobilize for the Oakland "Jobs Not Cuts" action on October 15, with the understanding that the Democratic Party, thru the medium of Van Jones and Move On, PDA, Wellstone Dems ... will in conjunction with the AFL-CIO leadership, attempt to steer the righteous anger and outrage of the working-class people back into the corrupt capitalist Democratic Party to be sold out and betrayed once again. We will again be told to accept the "Evil of two lessors".

We have a plan to fight this betrayal. "WE WON"T BE FOOLED AGAIN"

Diablo MDS voted to issue a call to the genuine 'Left 'United Front' for a "We Won't Be Fooled Again - Break With Demlicans" organized contingent on this march & action. This contingent could unite the various left wing forces in a United Front to reject further suicidal reliance on the Democrat / Republican Partys. We could meet a half a hour earlier at the Lake Merrit Bart Plaza and stage a feeder march into the Laney 'JOBS NOT CUTS "Rally.

We could prepare a leaflet that would expose the betrayals of the Democrats and point to the alternative strategy using worker, union, student & community power with mass mobilizations, & direct action and encourage support for non corporate/capitalist political parties to the Left of the Republicrats, to break their Duopoly.

We should not abandon angry, disillusioned every day folks who are protesting Austerity to the tender mercys of the Democrats, Move On and the Labor Officials by boycotting this action. We must enter the movement and fight to win over the 'hearts & minds' of the protesters with a organized, multi dimensional, multi pronged intervention. This will require preparation, effort and leadership.

MDS/SDS calls on the Left, the Social Justice Movements and the Anti War &Anti Racist Movement to build a United Front to pose a counter pole-of-attraction to the expected Van Jones/AFL-CIO , "Back to Obama and the Democrats" line.Such a counterforce could help prevent the betrayal of fresh forces coming into the struggle.

To be sure SDS/MDS will be present, with our signs & our political statements and warnings to the people. But how much more stronger and impressive, carrying more social weight is a United Front of many organizations that challenge the Democratic party choke hold on the working class. Presenting a more viable alternative to ' lessor of two evils' status-que, than small fragmented squabbling left groups is the key to breaking larger numbers of people away from the Republocrats.

With less than two weeks to go , time is of the essence. Any groups or persons who agree with this CALL TO ACTION should contact the organizers. A meeting could be set to create & implement a United Front plan.

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