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The fight to pass the Millionaires Tax this November continues.

When: Tuesday, March 20 at 4:00pm
Where: State Building, 1515 Clay, Oakland (MAP)
What: Rally and press conference
Sponsor: Occupy Education California

The Peace and Freedom Party supports the Millionaire's Tax initiative. We have not formally endorsed this event. The information below is from Occupy Education California.

The fight to pass the Millionaires Tax this November continues.

Occupy Education -- the coalition responsible for the March 1 Day of Action, the 99 Mile March, and the March 5 Occupy the Capitol action -- calls for a mobilization on Tuesday, March 20 to save the Millionaires Tax. At this rally and press conference, we will explain why and how we can still pass the Millionaires Tax. We urge the California Federation of Teachers and the Restoring California coalition to stick by the most popular -- and most winnable -- initiative for refunding California.

The Millionaires Tax remains the only proposal that would take steps to permanently fund public education and services -- and it would do this without regressive sales taxes. We reject the notion of "shared sacrifice" -- we have already sacrificed more than our share. The 99% should not be asked to pay for the crisis caused by the 1%.

The so-called "compromise" pushed by Governor Brown is a ploy to prevent the Millionaires Tax from getting on the ballot. There is no guarantee that the signatures for the "compromise" can be collected in time. Jerry Brown continues to collect signatures for his original proposal. We too must continue our campaign.

The Millionaires Tax has galvanized thousands of students, teachers, workers, and community members to build a historic mass movement capable of transforming our state. The 1% are on the defensive, now is not the time to back down!

We are committed to continuing signature gathering and fundraising to ensure that the Millionaires Tax gets on the ballot and wins in November.

Join us Tuesday at 4 pm at the State Building in Oakland (1515 Clay St.) to voice your support.

(On March 20, there will be a parallel press conference at 4 pm in Long Beach-401 Golden Shore -- as well as a 2:45pm speakout against school closures at Santa Fe Elementary school in Oakland - 915 54th St).

--- Occupy Education
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