With Bernie Sanders in the running for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. president, many leftists and socialists – particularly those in the so-called “battleground” or “purple” states – are stumped. For the socialist, choosing in Election 2020 may not be easy when presented with a choice of Sanders (hampered though he may be by Party baggage), the state’s ballot-qualified candidate and perhaps even an ecosocialist Green Party candidate.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is a nationwide socialist organization with presence in 28 states and the District of Columbia. PSL is particularly strong in California, and their members comprise and important part of the Peace and Freedom Party. Earlier this month, PSL/PFP member Richard Becker released the following statement, run in its entirety, on behalf of the party regarding the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic Party establishment and the major capitalist-owned media have been waging a low-intensity war against the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign for the past year and it is not working too well. Now these attacks are escalating. If Sanders continues to succeed, the floodgate of scurrilous and demonizing assaults will open, just as happened to Jeremy Corbyn in Britain.

For the past 12 months, almost all of the ruling class centers of power have been arguing that Sanders is a socialist and thus “too left”; that his medical reforms “are too expensive” and will break the bank; that he “can’t beat Trump”; or, in the aftermath of his heart attack, that he is not “healthy enough,” which goes along well with the mantra that he is “too old.”  At the last debate, CNN and Elizabeth Warren conspired to set up Sanders as “sexist,” yet another argument to add to the list. These attacks on Sanders have not worked.

What’s the real reason the ruling class is so alarmed? 
What has become crystal clear is that the Democratic Party establishment and its echo chambers in the “free press” clearly would favor four more years of Donald Trump over Sanders, a self-identified democratic socialist, in the White House. One must take a moment and ask, “Why is this?” By European standards Bernie Sanders would be an acceptable center-left politician. He would not be perceived as a danger to the existing social order. What is the U.S. ruling class so afraid of? Why is the Democratic establishment trying to destroy the Sanders campaign?

Peace and Freedom Party endorses a NO vote on Proposition 13, a measure appearing on the March 2020 California ballot. PFP is opposed to bond financing because it transfers wealth from working class taxpayers to the rich people and institutions that profit from buying the bonds. While we sometimes abstain on school bonds, this one does not pass the smell test.

Besides the $500 million for charter schools, which we oppose, there is enabling legislation with details not spelled out in any summary of the bill. The passage of the School and Facilities Bond Measure (formerly known as California Assembly bill 48, on the March ballot as Proposition 13) would reduce the fees that school districts can charge developers who profit from new construction of the projects that the new schools will serve. It would raise the amount of bonds that local jurisdictions can issue, thus raising the limit on one of the most regressive forms of taxation.

There is plenty of wealth in the coffers of the extremely wealthy in California. We should tax that wealth sufficiently to pay for our schools and everything else we need.

Cassandra Devereaux, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California State Assembly in district 14 gave a brief stump speech at last weekend’s California Progressive Alliance (CPA) conference.

Click here to see Cassie calling out her prospective opponent in Election 2020, sitting assemblyman Tim Grayson, a former police chaplain. Grayson’s record is lowlighted by the murderous Vallejo Police Department, who have demonstrated what Cassie calls “lethal indifference to people of color.” Vallejo is currently the city with highest per capita police killings rate in all of Northern California.

In addition to endorsing our own slate of candidates for U.S. president, state and local offices, Peace and Freedom Party is further endorsing some Green Party candidates running for spots in the U.S. House of Representatives, the State Senate and the State Assembly in Election 2020 California primary to be held on March 3.

The following are those four candidates; links to official campaign sites and Facebook pages are included. For a list of PFP candidates in Election 2020, please click here.

Robert Christian Richardson —
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. House of Representatives, 7th district
(includes southern and eastern Sacramento county).
Chris was first inspired to use his problem-solving skills to run for public office in Election 2016. The former VA Medical Center programming specialist, biologist and engineer promises to get the people more of a voice and to right some wrongs in Washington while thinking outside the box on a vast range of issues. For the Chris Richardson for Congress campaign’s Facebook page, click here.

Michael Ernest Kerr –
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. House of Representatives, 11th district
(includes portions of Contra Costa County). Michael brings over 45 years of work as a progressive activist to his campaign for the 11th District. In Election 2020, Michael plans not only on stumping for votes but also on raising awareness on a number of progressive issues going ignored by corporate media, the political party duopoly and his district’s incumbent. For the Michael E. Kerr for Congress campaign website, click here.

 Rodolfo Cortes BarraganRodolfo Cortes Barragan —
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. House of Representatives, 40th district
(includes portions of south and east Los Angeles).
Rodolfo is a progressive champion running against an establishment Democrat who votes to expand military spending while here constituent suffer from the lack of jobs, healthcare and education. Rodolfo believes that the current structure of society is unsustainable, and that capitalism rewards self-interest at the expense of the community. His platform focuses on single-payer healthcare; guaranteed higher education; rent cnotrol; and an end to the security-incarceration complex. For the Rodolfo Barragan for Congress campaign website, click here.

Margaret Villa –
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, State Assembly, 58th district
(includes southeast Los Angeles County).
Margaret is running for California State Assembly to help bring regular, working class people into office to build a government of greens, by and for the people. If elected, Margaret promises to donate a portion of her salary to underserved communities in need. For the Margaret Villa for State Assembly campaign’s Facebook page, click here.

Wednesday November 20th 2019.  Peace and Freedom Party State Chair John Reiger (center) at the Sacramento office of the California Secretary of State with presidential candidate Gloria La Riva (left), and Nicole Castor (right), representative of presidential candidate Howie Hawkins. Reiger submitted the names of the two candidates to the Secretary of State to appear on the March 3rd 2020 primary ballot,  Both the La Riva and the Hawkins campaigns also submitted required forms to qualify for the Peace and Freedom Party primary ballot.

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