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The Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) sent the following letter of condolence to Patty Mote's partner and husband, Tom Lacey, who forwarded the letter to the State Central Committee, with the following note:

This message from ICAP (the Cuban Institute of Friendship) which is the equivalent of the Cuban Consulate (if there were diplomatic relations with the country of Cuba), moved me greatly.  I'd like to share it with you. - Tom


Havana, June 25th, 2013
“Year 55 of the Revolution”

To: Tom Lacey

Dear friend,

We recently received the heartbreaking news that your wife and our comrade Patty Mote had passed away. At that moment it came to my mind the words of José Martí, our National Hero, when he wrote “there is only one thing compared with the pleasure of finding a friend and it is the grief of losing that friend.”

I would like to offer sincere condolences on behalf of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People. We feel a deep sense of gratitude toward her for all the support she gave to the Cuban Revolution defying the obstacles imposed by the US policies. She kept her ideals of solidarity during the most difficult times being always understanding and supportive. Her commitment with the Cuban people made her visit our country several times demonstrating how truthful our friendship ties were.

Receive our heartfelt sympathy to you as her husband and to all her relatives and friends.


Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP)


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