Posted on July 9, 2011 by the National Organizing Committee

The National Organizing Committee was founded by the Peace and Freedom Party of California State Central Committee, representing over 50,000 registered members. Peace & Freedom is a movement-based electoral party that, since its founding in 1967, has been an umbrella organization providing a ballot line to a wide range of Left groups and individuals.

The National Organizing Committee seeks to build a broad-based nonsectarian socialist electoral coalition throughout the USA to provide a viable voice for the movements that speak to the aspirations of many millions of people who feel disenfranchised. We believe in the power of the people to work together with a sense of community, to live in peace and mutual tolerance while facilitating the ability of individuals to make the most of their abilities and interests.

NOC activists are currently engaged in contacting national organizations and single-state parties that agree on important issues. We intend to create a democratic grassroots structure to facilitate the needs of working class Americans.

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