The following statement was issued by Peace and Freedom Party nominee for California state treasurer Kevin Akin and delivered at the February 15 press conference in Sacramento officially introducing PFP candidates running for office in the June 2018 primary election.

I am running for Treasurer because working people do all the labor, but billionaires take what we make. The ultra-wealthy dominate our economic and political system, keeping major-party politicians from doing anything that will benefit workers to the detriment of the billionaires. I have no intention of representing “all Californians” in Sacramento. I will only represent 99% of them. The One Percent has plenty of representation in Sacramento already.

An excellent example of the distortion in our political system is the question of a California State Bank. North Dakota has a state bank, established back in the day when socialists were represented in their legislature. North Dakota is politically dominated by rather right-wing Republicans today, but the state bank is alive and well, providing important services and saving North Dakota taxpayers millions every year. It is too popular for politicians to kill. But in California, when the legislature passed a bill that merely authorized a study of the possibility of setting up a state bank back in 2011, our oil multi-millionaire governor vetoed the bill. The bankers were determined that no study be done, because it would reveal the immense benefits such a bank would bring to our state.

Last Monday, I submitted my candidate statement to the Secretary of State for printing in the Voter Information Guide. It included this sentence: “A publicly-owned State Bank would save enormous sums for the people.”  The following morning, I was pleased to see the Los Angeles Times print an op-ed piece by David Dayen called “A public bank for all, not just pot entrepreneurs.” He provided excellent arguments, but I will be providing more reasons every week on my campaign website.

The following statement was issued by Peace and Freedom Party nominee for U.S. Senate John Parker and delivered at the February 15 press conference in Sacramento officially introducing PFP candidates running for office in the June 2018 primary election.

To book John to speak at your campus, union hall, community group or house meeting, or for more information, contact John Parker for U.S. Senate campaign manager Maggie V. at (323) 413-2120, visit the campaign’s official Facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

John Parker, a national leader of Workers World Party, is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for U.S. Senate. He is well-known in Los Angeles, where he resides, as a long-time fighter against white supremacy, police terror and for immigrant and worker rights.

Parker has traveled worldwide and written extensively as an anti-war and anti-imperialist activist often representing the International Action Center. His international experience is critical at a time when Trump’s trigger finger is itching to go nuclear against North Korea and also threatening military intervention in Venezuela, and all the while escalating the war in Syria.

Parker campaigns to end capitalism and fight for socialism, declaring that Trump’s deportations, police terror, giveaways to corporations, white supremacy, misogyny, programs to deepen poverty, and his extreme militarism are part of capitalism, inspired by the previous administration’s record deportations and wars. Your vote for John Parker for U.S. Senate will help to build a movement for revolutionary change.

The following are the statements in the official Voter Information Guide for the Peace and Freedom Party statewide candidates running in the June 5 primary election. Some are short and to the point, as state law requires a high price per word for the statements, and they must be paid for before the candidate has even qualified for the ballot. The Voter Information Guide is mailed to every voter in the state by the Secretary of State about one month before the election. The Peace and Freedom Party candidates submitted statements that cover a broad range of issues relevant to the various offices.

During Peace and Freedom Party’s recent State Central Committee convention in San Diego, the below resolution on the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice March and Rally was adopted by the Peace and Freedom Party. The resolution was written by PFP San Francisco chair Tom Lacey.

Whereas, ravages of pollution and rapidly worsening climate change, as evidenced by extreme weather, unprecedented wildfires in urban areas and wilderness, continuing drought, rising temperatures, record hurricanes and floods, and rising sea level currently threaten lives of millions of the planets poorest people and ultimately our nation, state and local communities; and

Whereas, we are now at a crossroads and must use this critical opportunity to shape which path we're going to take: letting the current Administration and Congress representing immoral corporate greed take us backwards undoing modest gains of the previous Administration, assuring ever greater dislocation and suffering, or rather, demanding and fighting for transition to a 100% sustainable, renewable energy economy; and

WHEREAS, politicians from California and around the world will meet in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit September 12th through 14th; and

Whereas, Social, racial, economic and environmental justice organizations are planning to march and rally across the nation to Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice; and

The stock market’s gone wild – mostly down. How are your stocks doing? Oh, you don’t have any stocks. Then you are just like most workers, but you are still at the mercy of the stock market and its boom-and-bust cycles.

With or without stocks, we suffer the ups and downs of the capitalist system: the sudden job losses, inflation, housing availability swings, and other ills that naturally go along with the money-driven capitalist economic system.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a planned economy, one focused on human needs not corporate greed, we can smooth out the ups and downs of our economic life. Let’s build a society based on what people need, not what a few people can get rich on. Let’s put an end to this crazy capitalist experiment and build a socialist society where everyone does better when everyone does better.

– John C. Reiger, Peace and Freedom Party State Chair


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