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The differences between jail and prison and between probation and parole are the key factors in a December, 2006, California appeals court ruling that restores the voting rights of as many as 100,000 people in county jails on probation.

Prison is an institution run by the Department of Corrections, while jail is run by the county sheriff. Likewise, parole is a state-imposed order, with parolees under the supervision of the Department of Corrections; probation is a county-imposed order, with probationers under the supervision of the Superior Court.

The appeals court has ruled that any person who is not either in a state prison or on parole following a state prison commitment has the right to vote. A person serving time in a county jail as a condition of probation is once again eligible to vote.

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Download and print the flyer below for distribution at Workers Memorial Day and International Workers Day (May Day) events. The Peace and Freedom Party Spring Newsletter is also available. Use these links:

Other Peace and Freedom Party literature, and tips on printing these documents, are available here.

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Because of changes in election law, Peace and Freedom must almost double its registration by the end of 2014 to stay on the ballot. By registering Peace and Freedom, you are joining with tens of thousands of others who want to take control of our political system away from the ruling capitalist class.

Reject the twin parties of capitalism. Register in the only working class, socialist, and feminist party on the California ballot: Peace and Freedom.

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For more information on the candidates and issues summarized below, please visit our campaign website at

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Presidential Primary: The State Central Committee has not taken a position for or against any of the four candidates in the Peace and Freedom Party Presidential primary.

Legislative offices: The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed these candidates for Congress and the State Legislature. Clicking on a candidate’s name takes you her or his page on our 2012 website.

Also on the ballot for U.S. Senate and giving Peace and Freedom as his party preference is Kabiruddin Karim Ali.

For information on voting for write-in candidates, see this article.

Statewide ballot measures:

  • Proposition 28 (term limits) – we have not taken a position on Prop. 28
  • Proposition 29 (cigarette tax) – vote No on Prop. 29

Housing is a human right!

Carlos Alvarez is the Peace and Freedom candidate running for Governor. He is also a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

The Carlos Alvarez Campaign for Governor demands that all foreclosures and evictions in California be ended immediately. The campaign has always made this a central demand in order to ease the suffering of working families. Now GMAC Mortgage, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America are calling off foreclosures -- not because it is what people need amidst an economic crisis created by these very banks -- but because they were caught falsifying notarizations, "robo-signing" foreclosure documents and forging signatures that lead to the theft of working families' homes.

Alvarez said, "Bankers are thieves plain and simple. Nothing illustrates this more than the reckless abandon of banks in their ever intensified drive for super-profits. After giving working families unemployment, homelessness and debt in the midst of the foreclosure crisis, banks immediately went on the offensive to foreclose millions of homes—many of them foreclosed by illegal means. They have only stopped because they were caught.

Stop all racist raids and deportations!

Carlos Alvarez is the Peace and Freedom candidate running for Governor. He is also a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

The Carlos Alvarez Campaign for Governor denounces all attempts to empower local police with the ability to do anything regarding immigration, including assisting federal authorities in racist raids, detentions and deportations of undocumented workers.

Every four years, the League of Women Voters and the California Channel on cable TV collaborate on the production of a series of interviews with candidates for statewide office, the Board of Equalization, and the appellate courts. This year's effort is called Cable's Free Airtime Project 2010.

These interviews are posted online and will be shown on cable outlets all over California until November 2. For a schedule, click here (unfortunately, this schedule is sometimes out of date).

Here are links to the interviews with Peace and Freedom Party candidates. All interviews were conducted by representatives of the League of Women Voters.

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