The Mexican American Political Assocation (MAPA) has endorsed four Peace and Freedom candidates:

  • Marylou Cabral for Secretary of State
  • Karen Martinez for Controller
  • Debra Reiger for Treasurer
  • Dina Padilla for Insurance Commissioner

An excerpt from the introduction to MAPA's recommendations:

The political challenge presented to all Latino and non-Latino organizations, typically tied to the Democratic Party, is the sad reality that the political party in power with majorities at the state and national level not observed since the 1970s has continued to pursue economic and social policies not in accord with its own core constituencies. Having said that, we are not confident that the Democratic Party in California or nationally will do anything beyond managing the crisis for big capital at the continued expense of working people.

MAPA was founded in 1960 to help elect Latinos to public office and to work for equal political rights for Latinos and other minority groups. According to its website, "To accomplish the goal of political empowerment for Mexican Americans, MAPA trains campaign workers, registers voters, raises funds, lobbies officials, endorses candidates, and monitors judicial appointments. They have also used grassroots tactics, public relations, and demonstrations."

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