Compiled January 15, 2007 by C. T. Weber

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
1970 Ricardo Romo 65,954 1.0%
1974* Elizabeth Keathley 75,004 1.2%
1978 Marilyn Seals 70,864  
1982 Elizabeth Martinez 70,327 0.9%
1986 Maria Elizabeth Munoz 51,995 0.7%
1990 Maria Elizabeth Munoz 96,842 1.3%
1994 Gloria La Riva 80,440 0.9%
1998 Gloria La Riva 59,218 0.7%
2002** (None)    
2003*** C.T. Weber 1,626 0.0%
2006 Janice Jordan 69,984 0.8%
2010 Carlos Alvarez 92,856 0.9%

 Notes: *In 1974, the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee voted to support Susan Kerr of Alameda County for Governor. Kerr ran as a write-in candidate for Governor.

** In 2002, Peace and Freedom Party was not on the ballot.

*** In 2003, there were 160 candidates running in a special recall election for Governor. This special election was like a giant primary election with no general election.

Year Candidate Votes Pct,
1968 Paul Jacobs 92,965 1.3%
1970 Robert Scheer 56,731 0.9%
1974 Gayle Justice 96,436 1.6%
1976 David Wald 104,383 1.4%
1980 David Wald 196,354 2.4%
1982 David Wald 96,388 1.2%
1986 Paul Kangas 33,869 0.5%
1988 Maria Elizabeth Munoz 166,600 1.7%
1992 Geneve Torres 372,817 3.5%
1992 Gerald Horne 305,697 2.8%
1994 Elizabeth Cervantes Barron 255,301 3.0%
1998 Ophie Beltran 48,707 0.6%
2002* (None)    
2004 Marsha Feinland 243,846 2.1%
2006 Marsha Feinland 117,764 1.3%
2010 Marsha Feinland 135.093 1.4%

* In 2002, peace and Freedom Party was not qualified for the ballot in California.

Compiled January 15, 2007 by C.T. Weber
Year Presidential Candidate Vice Presidential Candidate Votes Pct.
1968 *(None) **Peggy Terry 27,707  
1972 Benjamin Spock Julius Hobson 55,167 0.66%
1976 Margaret Wright Benjamin Spock 41,731 0.50%
1980 Maureen Smith Elizabeth Barron 18,116 0.20%
1984 Sonya Johnson Emma Wong Mar 26,297 0.30%
1988 ***(None) ***(None)    
1992 Ron Daniels Asiba Tupahache 18,597 0.20%
1996 Marsha Feinland Kate McClatchy 25,332 0.25%
2000 ****(None) ****(None)    
2004 Leonard Peltier Janice Jordan 27,607 0.20%
2008 Ralph Nader Matt Gonzalez 108,381 0.80%


* Eldridge Cleaver was nominated for president at the Peace and Freedom Party National Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was also nominated for president at the State Convention in Sacramento, California. The Secretary of State refused to place Cleaver's name on the ballot in California because he did not meet the legal age requirement to hold the office if he were to be elected. Cleaver was place on the ballot in a number of other states. In addition, Dick Gregory also obtained ballot status as the Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate in a number of other states, and was a write-in candidate for that office in California where he received 3,230 write-in votes for president.

** Jerry Rubin was nominated for vice-president at the Peace and Freedom Party National Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, Peggy Terry was nominated at the State Convention in Sacramento, California. To complicate the situation, Mark Lane was Dick Gregory's vice-presidential running mate in several states, including California and Corky Gonzales was on the ballot as the vice-presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party of Utah which did not have a presidential candidate on the ballot.

*** In 1988, the State Convention split and the Secretary of State refused to recognize any of the candidates seeking the Peace and Freedom Party of California nomination. However, the vice-presidential candidates of several ballot-qualified or write-in slates were Peace and Freedom Party activists. These were as follows:
 -- Lenora B Fulani and Kwaku Duren: 31,180 for 0.3%
 -- Eugene McCarthy and Maureen Smith: 234 for 0.0%
 -- Herb Lewin and Emma Wong Mar: 58 for 0.0%
 -- Larry Holms and Gloria LaRiva: 11 for 0.0%

**** In 2000, the Peace and Freedom Party was not qualified for the ballot in California.

Compiled January 15, 2005 by C.T. Weber

[Note: The State Chair position is rotated every two years between northern California and southern California.]

1970 Picture of John Haag
John Haag
State Chair, 1968-1970
Candidate for Lt. Governor/California, 1970

1968-70*: Michael Schon, Los Angeles County; Hugh Manes, Los Angeles County; Jack Weinberg, Los Angeles County; John Haag, Venice Chapter, Los Angeles County

1970-72: Irv Sutley, Sonoma County

1972-74: C. T. Weber, Long Beach Chapter, Los Angeles County

1974-76: Karen Hudiburgh, San Francisco City and County

1976-78: Milton Takei, Santa Barbara County

1978-80: Maureen Smith, Santa Clara County

1980-82: Mike Noonan, Los Angeles County

1982-84: Emma Mar, Alameda County

1984-86: Lewis McCammon, Los Angeles County

1986-88: Maureen Smith, Santa Cruz County

Picture of Debra Reiger
Debra Reiger
State Chair, 2006-2008

1988-90**: (None)

1990-92: Maureen Smith, Santa Cruz County

1992-94: Gerald Horne, Santa Barbara County

1994-96: Marsha Feinland, Alameda County

1996-98: C. T. Weber, San Diego County

1998-00***: Marsha Feinland, Alameda County

2000-02***: Kevin Akin, Riverside County

2002-04***: Marsha Feinland, Alameda County

2004-06: Kevin Akin, Riverside County

2006-08: Debra Reiger, Sacramento County

2008-2010: Kevin Akin, Riverside County

2010-2012: C. T. Weber, Sacramento County


* Michael Schon served from December 1967 until the founding State Convention in March 1968. Hugh Manes served from the founding State Convention until the official State Convention in August 1968. Neither Schon nor Manes were recognized by the Secretary of State. Jack Weinberg was the first state chairperson recognized by the Secretary of State. Weinberg served from August 1968 until he resigned in November 1968. A special State Central Committee meeting was called in December 1968, to replace Weinberg. Michael Schon and John Haag were elected to serve the remainder of Weinberg's term. Haag and Schon drew straws to see which name to send to the Secretary of State. Haag won and was recognized by the Secretary of State as the new state chairperson.

** In 1988, the State Convention reached a deadlock. A faction supporting Lenora B. Fulani for President walked out and elected Kwaku Duren of Los Angeles County as State Chairperson. Another faction supporting Herb Lewin for President elected James Green of Los Angeles as State Chairperson. A third faction, consisting of several past officers, refused to recognize the results and asked the Secretary of State not to recognize either of the other two factions. All records were kept by the latter group until a ruling was made by the Secretary of State, who refused to intervene with the internal party problems and never made a ruling.

*** In 1999, Peace and Freedom Party was removed from the ballot in California. The party stayed off the ballot until 2003. This was the first time in California history that a party had been removed from the ballot for more than one election and then re-qualified for the ballot.

Compiled October 1, 2006 by C. T. Weber


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