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The Peace and Freedom Party is governed by its State Central Committee (SCC) and County Central Committees (CCCs). Central committee members are elected in the direct primary election in even numbered years. Any Peace and Freedom registrant is eligible to run. Members elected in the primary election are elected to the SCC and their county CCC simultaneously.

The elected members of each CCC may appoint additional members after the primary election. You may be appointed even if you are under 18 years old or if you are a non-citizen or otherwise ineligible to vote.

Appointed CCC members are eligible for election to the SCC by a majority vote at the second SCC meeting they attend. Members of the party who have not been appointed to their local CCC may be elected to the SCC by a 75 percent vote at the second SCC meeting they attend.

The SCC elects statewide officers at it biennial convention meeting following each direct primary. The State Executive Committee includes the elected officers and (depending on the number of SCC members) may also include delegates from each county. For the 2010-2012 term, the State Executive Committee consists of the state chair, secretary, treasurer, and ten at-large officers.

In counties in which no one was elected to the SCC in the primary, interim county chairs are appointed by the State Chair to serve until a CCC can be organized. An interim county chair is eligible for election to the SCC by a vote of its membership at the second SCC meeting she or he attends.

Much of the work of the SCC is carried out in subcommittees. In some cases, membership on subcommittees is open to Peace and Freedom Party activists who are not SCC members.

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