Annual Supporting Membership:
$10/Student & Low Income

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Thank you for your interest in the Supporting Membership Campaign of the Peace and Freedom Party. The Peace and Freedom Party is dedicated to advancing peace, non-discrimination, feminism, worker’s rights, environmentalism, social justice, free education, free health care, civil liberties, and socialism.

Your membership helps us work toward these goals, and shows your commitment to progressive change.

The Peace and Freedom Party has been the party for working class people since 1967 and the PFP is the party that will help the working class advance into the 21 st Century. It is our goal to develop support nationwide that will help the PFP achieve this important mission.

World Socialism -- It's a great idea if only other people would go along with it

Used by permission of the artist, Peter Rigg, with credit to the Socialist Party of Great Britain
If you would like to register as a supporting member by mail, complete the Supporting Membership enrollment form and mail the application to the Peace and Freedom Party, PO Box 24764, Oakland, CA 94623. Please write "supporting membership" on your check.

It is important to note that applying for this membership with the Peace and Freedom Party as a Supporting Member does not fulfill any state or federal requirements for voter registration.

The Peace and Freedom Party and I look forward to having you to become a part of this fine organization that is dedicated to creating a better world for working class people. Join Today!

National Membership Campaign Coordinator
Peace and Freedom Party
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