Election 2020: PFP endorsements on ballot propositions
Election 2020: PFP endorsements on ballot propositions
An argument for voting YES on Proposition 24
Peace & Freedom Party of Alameda County endorses Aidan Hill for Berkeley mayor
Vote YES on Proposition 23: Dialysis patients deserve proper care
Vote YES on Prop 16 – help reinstate Affirmative Action
Housing is a human right: Vote YES on Proposition 21
Vote YES on Prop 18: Let’s increase youth participation and voter turnout in elections!
Vote YES on Prop. 15 – California’s corporate landowners should pay a fair share!
Vote YES on Proposition 17: Help restore voting rights and end felony disenfranchisement
Enough was enough long ago: Why I’m voting La Riva/Freeman in Election 2020
Election 2020: Peace & Freedom Party Sacramento endorses NO vote on Measure A
Election 2020: Socialist perspectives on the Presidential Race – A Suds, Snacks & Socialism forum
Statement by Gloria La Riva, Peace and Freedom Party 2020 presidential nominee
Vote Yes on Proposition 25: End Cash Bail
PFP Alameda County endorses Lacei Amodei, Nestor Castillo, Elisha Crader for Hayward City Council
PFP Sacramento County endorses Nicole Castor for Citrus Heights City Council district 1
Peace & Freedom of Alameda County endorses six candidates for Oakland School Board
PFP Sacramento County endorses Thomas Goetz for Citrus Heights City Council district 3
PFP Santa Clara County endorses Jake Tonkel for San Jose City Council district 6
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