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2016 November Election

Trump Wins the Nomination and Still Is a Loser

By Roger D. Harris

Posted on August 4, 2016 by the Communications Committee

This article first appeared at Dissident Voice on July 22.

With Friends Like His, Trump Doesn’t Need Enemies

The nation’s highest ranking Republican and current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is "one of the leading Trump-sceptics." Trump’s former Republican rival Gov. Kasich of Ohio declined to immediately endorse him, and his main rival Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has yet to endorse him.

Former Trump opponents Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky are now tepid Trump supporters, but not before commenting (respectively) that Trump is a "cancer on conservatism," "painfully naïve," and "a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag".

With friends like that, Trump doesn’t need enemies. But unfortunately for the immodest billionaire he has plenty of them on the Republican side of the isle. GOP luminaries, who now find themselves in the "never Trump" camp include 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney who accuses Trump of "trickle-down racism." The Bush bunch – Jeb, W, and HW – have washed their hands of the Trumpster.


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