Statement by Kevin Akin, State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party, on behalf of the State Central Committee

Posted on April 17, 2013 by the Communications Committee

Until some 40 years ago, California provided free public college and university education to all California students who qualified for admission.  As taxes were restructured to benefit the rich, student fees were jacked up to put a larger and larger share of the cost of education on each student.  This process accelerated under both Republican and Democratic governors, until we find ourselves today with an educational system that costs more than working-class families can afford.  Typically, students who complete a university education leave school with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that even bankruptcy cannot cancel.  Millions of would-be students are being excluded from productive careers, and many more are forced to carry crushing debt burdens into their working lives.

The wealthy and their corporations profit from having an educated work force.  And those who benefit the most from the economic system must be made to pay the most.  We must tax the rich to provide a free high-quality public education to all, from pre-school through the university level.

As we institute a full free public education at all levels, we need to deal with the harmful consequences of past and present policies.  Unpaid student loans still owed to government bodies, and to the private financial institutions that have gained a stranglehold over the system in recent decades, should be canceled.  All such debt should be wiped off the books.  State and Federal laws must be passed to lift this burden from past and present students, allowing them to enter a bright future instead of the straightened circumstances now forced on them by crushing debt.

We need to cancel student debt and make a free public education from pre-school though the university a reality. With unity, we can do it!


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